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Role of Commerce Education in Modern Times

If we take a deep look, it will be seen that every member of the nation at one stage or another is involved in the production and delivery of goods, “buying and selling” banking and insurance and there are two or four issues like insurance for this reason, it is important to have information about these sciences. Before the creation of Pakistan, trade in the Indian subcontinent was mostly in the hands of Hindus while the attention of Muslims was towards government jobs, the army, and farming instead of commercial studies. After the establishment of Pakistan, Muslims got opportunities for development in every field, but the shortage of experts was felt acutely.

In January 1959, the National Education Commissioners in their report drew attention to the fact that the industrial and agricultural progress has been negligible till then. Unless commercial education is exposed on a solid and positive basis. Whereas, due to industrial and agricultural progress, countless people work day and night in mills and factories and increase the production of goods so the awareness of commercial science, cost of production of goods, purchase, and sale of raw materials, export, storage of goods, sales and simplifies consumption complications . Setting up industries, organizing every department and running them efficiently, keeping accounts, and selling the produce at a profit is a separate art the status and commercial and business affairs cannot be run well without complete knowledge and expertise in these sciences. For a person who wants to join the profession of business and commerce as an owner or employee, accounting, and principles of commerce, Must know useful subjects like salesmanship, marketing, insurance, shorthand and typewriting, statistics, and computers. The government of the Punjab Department of Education keeping in view the growing interest in trade education has allocated maximum resources to this sector so that after receiving training in commerce subjects, students can become active members of society by getting employment in trade offices. D.COM (Diploma in Commerce) is equivalent to Higher Secondary (Intermediate) of all secondary boards in the country after students complete D.Com Apart from B.Com, you can also take admission in BA. There are countless job opportunities for students after obtaining the D.Com (Diploma in Commerce). Especially commercial banks, industries, Chambers of Commerce, and government and private institutions are worth mentioning. Apart from this, there are numerous opportunities for students who want to pursue higher education. In which B.Com, B.B.A, B.S, M.Com, and M.B.A tribes are mentioned, thus the importance of education becomes more evident.

Principal's Message

Commerce education is a unique educational system in its kind providing extraordinary care and education with sense of own-ness to the child. Its uniqueness lies in providing ideal environment for development and enrichment of individual and collective uplift of the students.
I hope this college website will provide a clear idea of the values instilled and the opportunities provided at commerce college. I am very grateful to Almighty Allah that in a short span of time, the institution has earned a respectable and good reputation in academics, sports and curricular activities. We will try to achieve (INSHAALAH) the main objectives of our college through the dedicated and sincere efforts of the administration and the staff. The main focus of our efforts is personal grooming and character building of the students.
I want to convey my feelings to the community and assure them that I and my team of professionals will leave no stone unturned in maintaining and uplifting the Islamic and ethical values of our students along with imparting modern education to them.

Principal Istikhar Hussain



In the changing socio-economic situation, if you re-evaluate your lifestyle, this will be felt strongly the dream of development and prosperity of the country cannot be fulfilled without the trained manpower professionals cannot be prepared without solid planning and excellent strategy. When Pakistan came into existence in 1947, there was a severe shortage of trained manpower. In the first decade of the establishment of Pakistan, we could not free ourselves from the bonds of general and traditional education. Under the recommendations of the National Education Commission, the government took up the promotion of commercial education in 1959. Therefore, all the commercial establishments of the country were reviewed and conclusions were drawn from this review there is an urgent need for skilled and trained people to develop the economy of a developing country like Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan strongly felt that if Pakistan wants to stand in the ranks of economic development of the world, then commerce education is very necessary. Therefore, in light of the recommendations of the National Education Commission, it was decided to establish the Commerce College. Thus, Government Commercial Institute Multan was established in 1959, in which the education of C.Com/D.Com was started. In 1979, the institution was given the status of Commerce College, and B.Com education was added. Ajrah kia gaya of Um.Com after the success of B.Com studies. Thus, this college became a big institution for commerce education. This institution is playing an important role in promoting economic and commercial education in Punjab and the graduate students from here are serving not only in Pakistan but also in foreign countries.


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Admission Rules

College Rules & Regulations

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Fee - Concession

According to the rules of the college 10% to the deserving students will be granted full fee concession. The concession will be given to the following students. 1. Orphan, destitute and the needy , (Proof must be provided) 2. To avail fee-concession, it is necessary for the students of Part II to pass all the internal as well as external exams. 3. If a student avail scholarship, fee-concession will not be given. 4. Application for fee concession will be submitted to the class incharge. However, the Committee will take the final decision.

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It is compulsory for every male and female student to wear college uniform. The teacher can expel the student without uniform from classroom. Boys Girls Summer : ( April to October) Dark grey trousers, White Shirt & trousers, White shirt and black shoes black shoes Winter : (October to April ) Dark grey trousers, White shirt , navy blue sweater /coat.

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Internal Examination

All the students of all classes will pass mid-term and send up tests, otherwise they will not be allowed to appear in the board/university examination.

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College library consists of more than 20000 books. There are books on various topics i.e accounting, banking, economics, mathematics, computer, Islam, history, literature and general books.

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Scholarships are awarded to promising students. There is a separate quota for rural and urban students as per Govt. rules.

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Computer Labs

Computer Labs The College has two well furnished, air conditioned Computer Labs equipped with i3 & i5 computers. The students in these labs have almost unlimited access to broadband Internet. Both labs are equipped with modern equipments such as Multimedia, Internet, Printer etc.

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College Timings

Summer session: 8.00 Winter session: 8.30

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Library Rules

1. Reference and expensive books are not issued. However, they can be read in the library. 2. A student can get only one book at a time . He can get two books also if the price of the books is less than the library security. 3. The books will be returned within seven days. The librarian is authorized to re-issue that for more times. 4. The books are issued and collected only in prescribed timing. 5. If the book is not returned in time, a fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be collected. 6. In case of tearing or damaging or losing a book, the student will provide a new book. If the book is not available in the market, three time additional fine will be charged.

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Transport Facility

The College offers pick and drop facility to the students. Two Hino-Pak Luxury buses cover the entire city.

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Co-Curricular Activities

Different functions including Seerat-ul-Nabi(صَلَّى ٱللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَ آلِهِ وَ سَلَّمَ ) National Days, debate, tutorials etc.

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Sports plays a vital role in building healthy body as well as healthy mind. Every student takes part in sports. The College organizes different sports activities every year. Students also take part in Board/ University competitions. The College Provides Different sports facilities like: 1. Indoor and out door games. 2. Different teams are constituted and they are given proper training 3. Annual sports competitions are held every year. 4. Winning teams / students are awarded prizes and certificates.

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Student Card

After getting admission every student will be given a student card. This card will be used by students in order to get concessional tickets and to show their identity. Students will pay Rs. 10/- to get this card. Only one will be issued in a year. The college will not be responsible for misuse of this card. The application for this card will be given to class incharge.

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The college has a hostel for the convenience of students. Admission in the hostel will be given on the merit basis because of limited seats. It is necessary for the hostellers to observe the rules and regulations of the hostel, the student committee will arrange mess in the hotels. The hostel superintendent and warden will supervise it.

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College Council

The aim of the College Council is to give suggestions to the principal in different matters. The College Council has the power to struck off any student. The student has no right to appeal against the decision of the College Council. Procedure for Availing Fee-Concession, Helping Books, Bus Card and Railway Concession The class incharge will collect the applications from students for bus card, railway concession etc.


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Chief Instructor Mphil (English)

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Chief Instructor PGD, M.Com, M. Phil (Business Administration)

Abdul Naeem

Senior Instructor B.Com MA (Economics)

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Senior Instructor B.Com MA (Economics

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Chief Instructor MA(Economics B.Com)

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Senior Instructor B.Com MA (Political Sc.)

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Senior Instructor MA (Urdu)

Khizar Hayat

Senior Instructor D.Com MA(urdu)

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Senior Instructor B.Com MA (Urdu)

Mian Shabir Ahmad

Senior Imstructor MCS, M. Sc Telecom, M.phil (Computer), CCDA CCNA

Muhammad Sabir

Senior Instructor MA(Urdu)

Muhammad Bilal Farooqi

Senior Instructor B.Ed M.Phil (English) (1)

Mehtab Babar

Senior Instructor MCS MBA M.phil (B.Admin)

Qaisar Javed

Senior Instructor MSC Computer Science

Muhammad Hanif Sangi

Senior Instructor MA(Economics)

Ghulam Mustafa

Instructor M.Phil (Commerce)

Bilal Ehsan

Instructor MCS, M.Sc Telecom CCDA, PHP, Ajea

Aftab Masood

Senior Instructor M.phil (English) TEFL

Muhammad Farooq Iqbal

Senior Instructor M.Phil (Mathimatics)

Younas Ali Khan

Instructor M.Com

Rana Muhammad Toseef

Instructor M.Com

Muhammad Saleem

Librarian MSC Library Sc_

Nasir Abbas

Instructor M.Phil (Commerce)

Mehwish Abid

Instructor M.Phil (Economics)

Imtiaz bashir

Senior Instructor M.Com MS (Business Admin) ACMA

Kalsoom Siddique

Instructor MBA

Gulshad zafar

Senior Instructor M.SC Statistics